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Owner, chef and host of the Restaurant Rössli Cham

Markus Stoller loves the traditional way and is an advocate for real, authentic craft. That’s it!

Since 1986, he has lived and worked in Cham where he has left his mark on the local gastronomy. In 1995, Markus Stoller took over the traditional Restaurant Kreuz as a young, self-employed man. Since 2001, he has been spoiling his guests with fresh, seasonal cuisine as a chef at the restaurant Rössli. He creates this cuisine not with fancy gimmicks, but with a good bit of creativity and remarkable consistency.

The longest-serving restaurateur in Cham loves to present his guests with a vast spectrum of taste and flavour – from Mediterranean to traditional. The secret is to only use a handful of selected ‘specialities’ at a time. It is important to him that the dishes are all served fresh and aromatic.

‘The intention is to not over-complicate cooking – the aim is for guests to be delighted by the rich flavours of simplicity.’
Markus Stoller

For his cuisine, Markus Stoller collaborates with regional producers and suppliers. A good relationship with his suppliers is the guarantor for consistently high-quality food. This is how he ensures the trust of his guests. With his long-standing, well-coordinated team on the floor and in the kitchen, the Rössli team overcomes every challenge. To him, the main goal is to ensure that guests are happy and have a pleasant and unforgettable stay.

Markus Stoller - Restaurant Rössli (Cham)